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What Approach Works Best?

What Approach Works Best?

Everyone loves a chance to win something free! In online advertising, prizes, giveaways and competitions are great ways to drive people to take note of your products. It is crucial to be honest and deal with your customers fairly to avoid a serious offense. You must keep your promise and abide by the terms of your offer.


Ncutt designed Delta Dental’s most popular and effective internet ad campaign during their 45th year anniversary. Delta Dental offered 45 grants to individuals with the best plan to promote health initiatives for children. The banner ads linked interested patrons to the site which led them through the submission process. 45 contestants were granted the funds for their plans. The amount of entries and re-tweets were much greater than the client expected from their online advertising campaign.

creative value: Extending good will to others good efforts promotes a good name for your brand

Retailers Want Green

Retailers Want Green

Branding attracts, informs and positions your product in the consumer’s mind. A strong brand simplifies choices for the customer and provides reassurance of the product promise. Most importantly, your brand confers status and defines your relationship with the buyer. Today, retailers are beginning to pressure manufacturers for green and environmentally friendly packaging. Consider reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.


Mountain Jim’s Ice Cream needed new packaging to gain market share. Ncutt assessed the brand and developed a new look to position the all-natural ice cream with the top contenders. On each label, you’ll find adventurous stories to connect followers with Mountain Jim as well as environmental advice to encourage families to get outdoors and stay safe.

creative value: Express your advocacy passions and kindly educate others

You Own Your Website

You Own Your Website
Website Design & SEO

There are benefits in having your internal staff manage your site; however, an outside expert can bring marketing guidance and oversee that your branding standards are being met. As your Creative Partner, Ncutt will ensure your website design quality and message consistency. We can team with your staff to assist or manage the site from design to programming, search engine optimization and tracking analysis — from the foundation up, every block set in place plays key roles in the success of your investment.

A website portrays a company’s level of professionalism.

creative value: When technical experts team well with an artist, the results show.


SiteWorks, Bridgestone and InPlant’s websites reveal the quality and the full range of their services in one glance.

Further into SiteWorks’ site, you’ll find a portfolio of their work. The bio page introduces the leaders of the company along with their contact information – this page is designed to print onto one sheet for convenience.

Ncutt designed the Bridgestone Truck Tire site in coordination with their internal IT department.

InPlant’s site is highly optimized to gain a higher traffic share in an “organic” way. Ncutt continues tracking traffic to guide future creative direction. The site is also integrated with Google AdWords for optimum return on InPlant’s Google investment. Under Ncutt’s management and direction, the InPlant site has increased impressions over 650% and and site traffic over 550%.

Website Design

Art is a Talent, Design is a Skill

Art is a Talent, Design is a Skill

Northcutt & Associates encompasses creativity. Ncutt’s artists develop artistic graphic designs that stand out above the average graphics produced by other creative agencies. Designer versus Artist – there is a slight difference. As an Artist, Ncutt’s creative director Judy Northcutt Gaertner, sees that creativity and artistic thought are added to every design job Ncutt delivers.


Firestone, like most clients, wanted to have several options when choosing a cover. In this case, Ncutt created five choices for the client – which one would you choose? The client’s selection … #5.

creative value: GET MORE by extending creative license, along side your preference

Know Your Competitive Edge

Know Your Competitive Edge

A tuned-in agency and marketing research can pin-point your audience
and discover benefits that your customers desire.

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak” … meaning,
purchasing decisions are based on emotional fulfillment, not just product specs.


Permobil (a Swedish wheel chair manufacturer) needed to gain market share in the States. Ncutt tailored marketing tools to impact the target audience. The sales collateral, along with the advertising campaign, showed users enjoying an active lifestyle, emphasized Permobil’s “customization abilities,” and their quality standard equaled by no other in the industry. Ncutt tracked the metrics and found sales had increased by 35% in one year.

creative value: Allow your creative team to fulfill or participate with all items seen by the public, from social media to company uniforms to present your best image and track the benefits.

Identity by Design

Identity by Design

Comprehensive branding and identity designs establish emotional connections. Subtle or overt, through copy or imagery, your brand should include a unique color palette and distinctive packaging to set you apart. Ncutt can help you to identify your brand and design effective materials to attract your customer’s attention and create a positive association.

creative value: Emotional ties drive a sell. Quality & Service solidify customers.


Gaertner Cabinet Company (GCC) is a 30+ year, privately owned shop that crafts custom cabinetry for customers who expect quality. After assessing the brand and learning “the difference” in working with GCC, Ncutt designed a sales brochure for prospective clients to build a stronger relationship and emotionally connect clients to the romantic ideals of true craftsmanship. While displaying GCC’s ability to build diverse and unique products, one learns more about the benefits of the personal service you receive when hiring Gaertner Cabinet Company.

Getting Nationwide Attention

Getting Nationwide Attention

Strategic ad placement ensures that your product or service is positioned in
the forefront of your customer’s mind. The Law of the Mind — “it’s better to be
first in the mind because you can’t change a mind once a mind is made up.”
(The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing)

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” – Ricky Bobby

SERVICE CAMPAIGN :: Bridgestone Firestone truck tire manufacturer needed to position their Nationwide Roadside Assistance Program as the best in the country. Ncutt designed the attention getting ads that have appeared the back cover of the Rand McNally Road Atlas since the campaign began seven years ago. The Atlas is sold in every truckstop in the nation, putting the Roadside Assistance Program on every truck driver’s radar. The ad assures that the Bridgestone’s Program is the best with service that is widely available at a fair price.

creative value: Investing in creative services can set you above your competitors.

Fatal Distractions

Fatal Distractions

You have seven-tenths of a second to capture a prospective buyers’ attention as they walk down a busy aisle. Assuming they stop, you gain an additional seven seconds to convince them that your product above all others is worthy of purchasing. (emerge) Your tradeshow exhibit design can be vital to the success of your show investment.


Ncutt developed an Attention Driven floor plan to direct tradeshow patrons as they walked through the Bridgestone booth. Bridgestone and Firestone’s ad campaigns were used to draw patrons into the tradeshow booth and were used for brand message consistency. Products were displayed with signs showing feature call-outs and its benefit. Keeping in mind primary and secondary focal points along a path creates an experience for potential buyers which helps to develop a relationship with the brand. Tradeshow exhibit design matters.

Name: Fatal Distractions
Our Role: design, tradeshow
Tags: design, tradeshow

Educate Your Clients

Educate Your Clients

In today’s busy world, you cannot assume that your clients pay attention to market trends related to YOUR business. Through interesting content, you can educate your clients on how you can improve their business. Provide in clear terms how the ‘latest’ effects your business relationship. It’s very wise to position your company as a thought leader by providing
pertinent details.


Bridgestone’s trade magazine answers real world questions and addresses the customers needs. “Real Answers” magazine remains the top in its industry – educating America’s largest fleets. With a circulation of over 80,000, “Real Answers” rivals many of the largest truck fleet publications and, after more than a decade, remains both free and advertising-free. Articles feature topics of industry interest, fleet case studies, and product and technical information.

Name: Educate Your Clients
Our Role: consulting, collateral, photography
Tags: dconsulting, collateral, photography
Logo Design Rules

Don’t touch the fruit!

Don’t touch the fruit!

Change can happen by pushing-the-envelope with logo design. In one case during a joint venture, two companies were presented multiple ideas and unfortunately, due to strict logo guideline rules, the favorite concept was not allowed. However in another case, during a design presentation, Ncutt slipped in one edgy graphic among other compliant options, and Fruit-of-the-Loom ran through the legal gamut to allow the revised logo design to be used. It can pay to push the envelope.


Fruit-Of-The-Loom was the primary sponsor of the CountryFest live concert – a major event. The Ncutt creative agency worked between the artists’ management groups and Fruit-Of-The-Loom, assisting the event producer to oversee all promotional collateral. Ncutt designed the corporate sponsor programming presentation, artist sponsorship packages, solicitation materials for venue sponsors, event advertising, show tickets, and followup commemorative gifts. The Fruit TV digital on-screen icon (logo bug) was placed at corner of the jumbotrons at the festival.

creative value: Touch the fruit!