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Identity by Design

Identity by Design

Comprehensive branding and identity designs establish emotional connections. Subtle or overt, through copy or imagery, your brand should include a unique color palette and distinctive packaging to set you apart. Ncutt can help you to identify your brand and design effective materials to attract your customer’s attention and create a positive association.

creative value: Emotional ties drive a sell. Quality & Service solidify customers.


Gaertner Cabinet Company (GCC) is a 30+ year, privately owned shop that crafts custom cabinetry for customers who expect quality. After assessing the brand and learning “the difference” in working with GCC, Ncutt designed a sales brochure for prospective clients to build a stronger relationship and emotionally connect clients to the romantic ideals of true craftsmanship. While displaying GCC’s ability to build diverse and unique products, one learns more about the benefits of the personal service you receive when hiring Gaertner Cabinet Company.