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Ncutt’s Creative + Your Marketing Spend = Positive Advertising Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Understanding SEO

The foundation of a website must be designed and built upon proper keywords for optimal search engine optimization. You want your customers to find you based on the content in your site (copy, code and such) in an “organic” fashion instead of having to pay large amounts of money on AdWords to lead people to your site.

When Northcutt & Associates took over the management of the InPlant website, AdWords account and social media campaigns, the results were seen quickly, not only in visitation performance. The number of calls for quotes, the number of units sold, and the bottom line shifted dramatically.

The ROI (return on investment) in one year:

  • Ncutt Lowered InPlant’s Yearly AdWords Spend by $70,000
  • Increased Impressions from 72,600 to 715,300
  • Increased Click Thru Rate from 1,200 to 5,000 (only counting patrons spending 30+ seconds on the site)
  • Doubled Ad Quality Scores (increasing spend benefits)
  • Increased “Request for Quotes” Total by $6,000,000
  • Best: InPlant’s Bottom Line Increased by $500k(+)

Green, gold & blue – tires?

Kicking off a campaign with a teaser can be a tricky task – it must be handled with close attention to detail. The release of THREE new truck tires was a very large event for Bridgestone’s Commercial Truck & Bus Tire Division. Northcutt & Associates ran several successful branding campaigns during prior years, so a product campaign was a new direction, a good direction, and a very educational choice for Bridgestone’s customers.

Northcutt & Associates’ designs woke up the trucking industry with a sexy red-hot teaser ad and a sales convention kick-off which successfully captured attention. Ncutt’s choice of bizarre-colored tire ads continued to gain attention and the momentum did not stop. At the end of the year, result tracking proved that continuing the following year with more vibrant ads would serve the company well.

Heavy Duty Trucking & Fleet Owner

readership study scores “higher than average” for both “saw” & “read”

Changing Impressions

Guardian Automatic Fire Sprinkler Company was becoming the pipe industry’s largest independently owned and operated business in the southeast region. Larry McNamara knew it was time to take his company to the next level.

“Professional” he is, but “top notch” was what he sought.

With the move of his two companies into the same location his level of efficiency was finally where he needed it to be.

Northcutt & Associates began to help Larry see the importance of upgrading his company’s image. Larry has big dreams for Guardian and is a bit busy for the marketing details, though he was reluctant to let go. Guardian is a company based on standards, services standards — Larry’s attention to detail and loyalty to his customers has served him well.

After only a year of working together, Larry chose to trust Northcutt & Associates with his company’s marketing business needs. Larger changes are taking place and we are all eager to see Guardian’s bottom-line grow.

First Year: 18% increase in total net income

  • assistance in new facility grand opening campaign
  • 8-page regional introduction brochure
  • 8-page welcome brochure
  • PR in trade magazines initial ads
  • new quarterly newsletter

Creating Ties That Bind

Bridgestone’s mission is to “supply world-class tires and support those tires with world-class service.” In the commercial truck & bus tire division, much of the
sales revenues are generated by big fleet customers.

Tim Orr, writer and Judy Northcutt Gaertner of Northcutt & Associates helped create a loyalty program for Bridgestone reps and dealers. Often tires are simply sold and delivered, frequently on price alone. The challenge was to find a way for Bridgestone’s 175 reps and 2,500 dealers to become an integral part of their customers’ business — more than a simple tire peddler — instead a fleet’s service partner.

Orr and Northcutt collaborated to develop a large account management program – called Tire Solutions. The program is designed to help fleets, dealers and sales reps understand the rules, roles, and recommendation standards that create and sustain long-term business relationships.

The program is in its 8th year and Bridgestone has acquired a new company — Bandag, the world’s largest retreader. Both companies will now be offering the Tire Solutions program managed by Northcutt & Associates.

  • Ncutt designed the website application;
    to include the design, engineering and direction
  • Developed the rep training booklets & manuals
  • Generates custom tire policy booklets and
    custom laminated shop cards for each fleet

Know Your Competitive Edge

Permobil was an American wheel chair company, but relying on its Swedish parent for marketing tools. Trusting an oversea headquarters for understanding of the American market proved to be a weakness.

Northcutt & Associates immediately saw its first challenge was to create consistency in sales materials. A new brochure system and individual chair spec sheets focused on appealing to the American market.

An advertising campaign was set into place with a tracking system for future evaluation. PR, research, and rep tools began changing the American face of Permobil.

One year later, sales increased 35%! The Swedish parent doubled our budget and traveled to Tennessee to review the plans of what they termed a “top-notch agency” — Northcutt & Associates.

The new direction Northcutt suggested emphasized Permobil’s “customization abilities” — a standard equalled by no other in the industry.

Educating Customers

1999 – 2012

Real Answers magazine remains the top in its industry
— educating America’s largest fleets. With a circulation of over 80,000, Real Answers rivals many of the largest truck fleet publications, and after more than a decade, remains both free and advertising-free. Articles feature topics of industry interest, fleet case studies, product and technical information.

TWNA (Truck Writers of North America)
2005 Communication Awards
Golden Award

TWNA (Truck Writers of North America)
2005 Communication Awards
Single Best Issue