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Fatal Distractions

Fatal Distractions

You have seven-tenths of a second to capture a prospective buyers’ attention as they walk down a busy aisle. Assuming they stop, you gain an additional seven seconds to convince them that your product above all others is worthy of purchasing. (emerge) Your tradeshow exhibit design can be vital to the success of your show investment.


Ncutt developed an Attention Driven floor plan to direct tradeshow patrons as they walked through the Bridgestone booth. Bridgestone and Firestone’s ad campaigns were used to draw patrons into the tradeshow booth and were used for brand message consistency. Products were displayed with signs showing feature call-outs and its benefit. Keeping in mind primary and secondary focal points along a path creates an experience for potential buyers which helps to develop a relationship with the brand. Tradeshow exhibit design matters.

Name: Fatal Distractions
Our Role: design, tradeshow
Tags: design, tradeshow