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Know Your Competitive Edge

Know Your Competitive Edge

A tuned-in agency and marketing research can pin-point your audience
and discover benefits that your customers desire.

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak” … meaning,
purchasing decisions are based on emotional fulfillment, not just product specs.


Permobil (a Swedish wheel chair manufacturer) needed to gain market share in the States. Ncutt tailored marketing tools to impact the target audience. The sales collateral, along with the advertising campaign, showed users enjoying an active lifestyle, emphasized Permobil’s “customization abilities,” and their quality standard equaled by no other in the industry. Ncutt tracked the metrics and found sales had increased by 35% in one year.

creative value: Allow your creative team to fulfill or participate with all items seen by the public, from social media to company uniforms to present your best image and track the benefits.