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Tradeshow Rules

Tradeshow Rules

#1: Let a designer coordinate your tradeshow booth design.
Ncutt will work with your staff to ensure aesthetics, marketing needs, new product or innovation prominence, and technical requirements.

#2: Remember, patrons come to learn!
Let them browse or guide them while you are getting their contact info and give inexpensive sales literature with contact information.

#3: Follow up!
Only send catalogs as a follow-up to prospects.
Sadly, less then 20% of exhibitors track their ROI and 80% of exhibition leads are never contacted! (CEIR)


Permobil, a global wheel chair manufacturer, markets heavily at industry tradeshows. Permobil needed to stretch their marketing dollars so Ncutt designed a small brochure to literally and inexpensively rollout their full product line for broader distribution. The colors chosen for the booth attracted attention and complemented Permobil’s logo. Nine video screens were used together to create a grand screen that ran a presentation that filled all screens at full scale and individual sequencing screens – the result was brilliant!

creative value: Tradeshows help you connect with customers. Follow up.
Point-of-Purchase Display Graphics

Visual Perceptions Sell

Visual Perceptions Sell

Vision represents 80% of human perception — the sales process is visual.
Influence the customer’s selection process by using visual cues to
attract attention, allure your target with relevant information and
then hook them with the message that your product meets their needs.

Point-of-Purchase Display Graphics


Bridgestone needed an effective point-of-purchase (POP) display for prospective consumers at truck stops. Using a marketing strategy directed at the target audience, Ncutt designed in-store displays, product brochures and POP collateral to reinforce consumer’s needs. The design of these tools ensured that Bridgestone products were promoted as 1st choice options.

Point-of-Purchase Display Graphics
creative value: Empower your customers through facts and options with simple visuals

Fatal Distractions

Fatal Distractions

You have seven-tenths of a second to capture a prospective buyers’ attention as they walk down a busy aisle. Assuming they stop, you gain an additional seven seconds to convince them that your product above all others is worthy of purchasing. (emerge) Your tradeshow exhibit design can be vital to the success of your show investment.


Ncutt developed an Attention Driven floor plan to direct tradeshow patrons as they walked through the Bridgestone booth. Bridgestone and Firestone’s ad campaigns were used to draw patrons into the tradeshow booth and were used for brand message consistency. Products were displayed with signs showing feature call-outs and its benefit. Keeping in mind primary and secondary focal points along a path creates an experience for potential buyers which helps to develop a relationship with the brand. Tradeshow exhibit design matters.

Name: Fatal Distractions
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