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A Site Establishes Relationship

A Site Establishes Relationship

Is your site simple, easy to follow, and does it show the benefits of your product and service to meet your customers’ needs? Your site is more than a sales tool. 64% of consumers made a purchase due to a positive online experience. Your customer should be one click away from finding the products or services to fit their needs. Your site establishes a relationship. Executives cite more than 2:1 (70%) preference
for viewing work-related information online (Forbes).


Firestone Commercial Truck Tires website design & creative management. Ncutt designed the site with the target in mind: independent owner-operators and fleets. Fleet management tools and product information were arranged to be easily found. Ncutt worked closely with the IT programmers while creating the new format and visuals. The product data was arranged to allow Firestone employees to maintain spec updates on a back end database, to promote information in real-time, which translated into formatted web designs to appear pleasant for the publics’ eye.

creative value: Design websites with practical data management tools