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A Viral Phrase

A Viral Phrase

Your customer is your best salesman. A successful campaign not only creates a satisfied customer, but establishes an evangelist who shares your product with their friends. Or in this case, shows off their tattoo to everyone they know.


Firestone, the oldest tire manufacturer in the world, primarily sells their truck tires to truck owner-operators. Ncutt studied this target market and tapped into the independent image to create the “Born To Truck” campaign. A guerilla marketing approach to this audience was initiated with a promotional product giveaway of temporary tattoos highlighting the branding message. It didn’t hurt that models sporting the tattoos applied them to patrons in the trade show booth. Firestone realized the marketing efforts were a success when a trucker visited their booth with a permanent tattoo of the Firestone “Born To Truck” logo on her leg.

creative value: Branding & advertising with the right combo of photography & copy can generate a viral phrase