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Sales Based on Needs

Sales Based on Needs

Today’s consumers don’t buy based on needs alone. Do you know what your customer wants? A study revealed five different characteristics of consumers: 18% are Impulsive Buyers, 23% Careful Indulgers, 28% are Self-Expressives, 17% are Conflicted Buyers, and only 15% are Bargain Hunters (Unity). Don’t always assume that you need to lower your price. You should consider appealing to the emotions of the 69% – the Impulsive, Indulgent, and Self-Expressive buyers!

creative value: Over 60% of the population comprehend better with visuals


A tire is a tire, but when you educate your customers they will learn what tire they need and why. Bridgestone and Firestone sell truck tires across the nation. Ncutt has designed truckstop and dealer displays, brochures and point-of-purchase tools to educate prospective customers.