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Color Attracts Attention

Color Attracts Attention

Using the psychology of color and unique color schemes to brand your product will draw attention on a crowded shelf. There are no bad or good colors, each have positive and negative effects depending on the context in which they are used. Red can mean strong and passionate, but dangerous and aggressive; and green is tranquil and relaxing, though greedy and jealous. But fear not the meaning of colors, a good designer can use them wisely to position the importance of information and its intended effect.


Ncutt created a radically different campaign for Bridgestone (the world’s largest rubber manufacturer), “Changing the Way You Think About Truck Tires” that focused on product. Starting with teaser ads, the three new tires were unveiled as sexy and red, the trucking industry was awakened. The following colorful product campaign included educational details about each tire, which attracted attention and translated into strong sales. Ncutt was asked to continue the campaign promoting more tires, more colors and the results were more sales. Color attracts attention, especially when you least expect it.

Name: Color Attracts Attention
Our Role: advertising, design
Tags: advertising, design