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Think Before You Don’t Print

Think Before You Don’t Print

Interactive media has not surpassed the effectiveness of printed brochures in-market
(2010 CMT). Conservation is noble, but know that TREES ARE 100% RENEWABLE!
The carbon footprint from the process of making paper may be no greater than the digital process of saving a file on your server for 10 years.

You might consider video conferencing to conserve on gas and conserve electricity by following the example of National Geographic who saves $120,000 a year by turning off their computers at night.


Re-Branding with a great, old line — “Where the rubber meets to road.”
Being the world’s oldest tire manufacturer, Ncutt was excited to have the opportunity to create a campaign that emphasized the Firestone tradition. Emphasizing the benefits and the value of Firestone truck tires, Ncutt developed a campaign focused on long smooth tread wear, their toughness and sturdiness, their scrub and curb resistant features, and their excellent road service.

creative value: Studies show people like reading from paper and retain more information from print